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The Glass Skin Sheet Mask Edition: 6-Day Bundle

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Get ready to slay your skincare game with our fierce collection of sheet masks. Each mask is a power player in the quest for that flawless glass skin, leaving you looking like a radiant queen ready to conquer the world.

✨ALL SKIN TYPES - Nourish and revive your skin with our versatile 6 piece sheet mask collection. Tailored to all skin types, each mask addresses a specific concern - from hydration to brightening - for a customized glow. Gentle enough for daily use, these skin-quenching treatments deliver radiant, healthy-looking results.

💦CONCENTRATED ESSENCE with quality ingredients like Ginseng, Hyaluronic acid, and Collagen to hydrate, soothe, purify, and improve dullness of the skin.

💖 SELF-CARE MUST HAVE: Unwind with a hydrating sheet mask - the cooling material and nourishing essence will pamper your skin and melt away the day's stress. Treat yourself to this luxe self-care ritual.

  • Chapter 1 - Ma Honey Boo

    Get ready to drench your skin in the sweet nectar of honey extracts. This mask is like a luscious treat, quenching your skin's thirst and leaving it supple, smooth, and irresistibly touchable. Hello, honeylicious glow!

  • Chapter 2 - My Perfect Macha

    Say bye-bye to dullness and hello to matcha magic! This mask is infused with matcha green tea, the ultimate detox ingredient. It purifies your pores, banishes impurities, and evens out your complexion. Get ready to rock that flawless- goddess vibe!

  • Chapter 3 - Firm Believer

    Who says you can't turn back time? This mask is here to prove them all wrong. Packed with collagen and peptides, it's like a mini facelift in a sheet. It lifts, firms, and tightens your skin, making those pesky fine lines and wrinkles say "adios!" You'll be a firm believer in the power of this mask, babe.

  • Chapter 4 - Bye to Dry

    Dry skin, be gone! This mask is here to give you the hydration of your dreams. It's like a tall drink of water for your face, replenishing moisture and restoring that plump, dewy look. Say goodbye to dry patches and hello to a complexion that's juicy and fresh.

  • Chapter 5 - Let's Get Sheet Faced

    Time to party with your skin! This mask is all about giving you an instant boost of radiance and glow. Packed with brightening ingredients, it revitalizes dull skin, evens out discoloration, and leaves you looking lit from within. Let's get sheet faced and shine bright like a diamond!

  • Chapter 6 - We Glow Together

    It's time to bring your squad along for the skincare ride. This mask is perfect for a girls' night in or a self-care session with your besties. Infused with nourishing ingredients, it's a treat for your skin and a bonding experience all rolled into one. Get ready to glow together and make memories that sparkle.

Customer Reviews

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Talia Sal
sheet mask lover 💕

hi love 💕
how are you doing ☺ hope you are doing well 😊
since I bought the sheet mask I used only two mask and to be honest wow love 💌
the first one was( lets get sheet mask ) was sooo hydrating it really made me skin glass all day ❤
the Second one was( ma honey boo) my skin that day was tired and dry and it was okey it did not Amaze me like the first cause it wasn't that hydrating and it born a little 🤍